Some frequently asked questions we get.

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Are your chickens sexed?

Yes, we have only Females available. The Hens do not require a Male/Rooster to produce eggs.

Do you also have younger chickens for sale, before point of lay?

Not at this time, however if the order is large enough (50 or more) we can order them in as Day Olds, direct from the Hatchery. They are all vaccinated at birth.

Do you have mixed breed chickens?

We have three breeds:

  • White Layer – Leghorn Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen
  • Brown Layer – Rhode Island Red Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen
  • Black Layer – Rhode Island Red Cockeral over Australorpe Hen

Do you cut the beak tip of your chickens?

When the chickens are born, the tip of the beak is very lightly trimmed. This is for the bird welfare to stop the birds injuring others while growing and especially in the teenage weeks. Chickens are by nature, scavengers and will fight each other if they are having a bad day. While this isn’t an issue in small numbers in a back yard, it does become an issue when more than 100 birds are together in a shed, even if that shed if free ranged each day.

Once they grow to 16+ weeks of age, the beak has regrown completely and there is little difference. The lite trim does not effect their natural habits in any way.

Please be aware our layers are grown for Free Range Farms and we Free Range our layers for egg production. The trim is very lite, and only for the teenage weeks. Farms that sadly have hens in cages may use a heavier trim. We do not support nor agree with that practice. We are a Free Range happy Hen farm!

Do you have any roosters?

Not as this time. We only order Layers from the hatchery. Best to check on local forsale sites and visit the local show to see the poultry pavilion. If you’re happy to post and willing to wait, there is a good chance a rooster will appear at no cost from someone who isn’t allowed to have it anymore.

Have you heard of a way to soften a roosters crow?

Quick google found http://www.nocrowroostercollars.com.au however we have never tried one and would love to know if they work.