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Backyard Chicken Coop Package

Point of Lay Pullets

Our lovely pullets make great companions! They are a "win-win" pet that will provide you with hours of entertainment and food! The Alstonville Poultr

Backyard Chicken Coop Package

Backyard chickens add a special element to one’s life that includes having a companion pet in a win-win situation where you also get fresh daily eggs! We’ve noticed that some of our customers are ready and wanting to start their own sustainable lifestyle but have found that it’s a challenge to get everything in order after work on a weekday or the short time they have on the weekend. So, we’ve decided to make it easier for those wanting to have this kind of lifestyle by offering chicken coops here at the farm!

Our Chicken Coop Package is the one-stop shop for everything you’d need to transform your backyard in afternoon! It includes a lovely chicken house that has been preassembled and lacquered, 2 point of lay pullets, a water nipple drinker, a food container with food and nesting material so your ladies can feel comfortable to start laying eggs in their new home in your backyard! We’ve also value priced it at $425 because we want others to know the joy of having their own chickens and to taste the true freshness of backyard laid eggs!

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The chicken coops have been lacquered and preassembled. The chicken coop dimensions are: 2m long x 1.1m high x 75 cm wide.

The package is available for pickup at the farm, just give us a call before you come out just to make sure we have one available for you. 6628 0538.

If you wish to pay by credit card rather than by cash upon pickup or delivery, please use our Paymate account. We chose Paymate over Paypal as it is an Australian company and we love to support Aussie Businesses!


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Pay with Paymate Express


If you are interested in just purchasing the chicken coop on it’s own we do sell it separately for $395 also available for pickup at the farm lacquered & preassembled. If you choose to pay this by credit card please change the amount when you enter your details in Paymate.

Thank you!

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